What I love most about Sigma and John Newman is there ability to keep churning out hits. They have teamed up for this new track, and by heck, it is one powerful release.

‘High On You’ has an EDM vibe with plenty of poppy sounds poking out of it. It kicks off with a synth lead intro and a harrowing echoing effect. We are then with a top-class vocal performance from John Newman. He sings with his heart firmly on his sleeve, and it is hard not to get onto his wavelength with his emotion dripping all over the mix.


It has a Calvin Harris influence in places which I relish. It is a sound which has plenty of movement. Also, the way Sigma has blended this modern dance sound into his record is brilliant. For me, it is about time we had a hit like this one in 2020. I remember a few years ago, pop dance tracks like this one were coming out left right and centre, but they have slowed. I miss that. But, the musicians have come up with the goods here, and I have to say it is my favourite track from either of the artists to date.

Overall, it is a feel-good track with a nail-biting beat and a poignant melody. But, it also blends plenty of emotion and is a heartfelt track in its own right. This blend of feel-good music and profound lyrics works very well, and it has never sounded better than it does on ‘High On You’.

So, if you are looking for something which will take you on a journey and get you tapping your foot, then this one is for you. You can listen to ‘High On You’ by Sigma and John Newman below. Also, share your thoughts on this track by letting us know on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris