Willie Jones is one of the most exciting names in Country music. Also, his new track ‘Trainwreck’ is a smart release with him delving into an eclectic realm.

He is a Country artist who comes full of flavour. He has the top quality vocal which you would expect from an artist in this genre. But he blends pop, hip hop and a classic banjo-style tremendously well. He is the future of Country music for sure, and although he brings a nostalgic vibe with his delivery, he offers lots of contemporary qualities.

‘Trainwreck’ starts with the singer going straight in with the chorus. We are seeing this more and more these days with the chorus hooks being the first thing we hear. Post Malone does this in pretty much every release, and it stands a significant purpose. It grips us, and it cements the hook deep inside of us before we hear anything else. We are then in with a classic banjo rhythm which comes full of grit and rawness. It is hard not to find yourself tapping your foot to its infectious transmission.

Flying Form

Vocally, Willie Jones is on flying form. He boasts plenty of confidence, and he wears his heart firmly on his sleeve. The track is all about a love story with Willie indicated he is suffering from heartbreak. Another component which I relish on this release is its ability to bring Hip Hop to the party too. The track is put together by Willie and Mark Batson who also worked with Dr Dre and Eminem. Therefore it explains its exciting sound.

It is a lighthearted track, and the fingerpicking banjo and solid mix is enough to grip you. For me, it is one of the most beautiful country releases of recent times. You can listen to ‘Trainwreck’ by Willie Jones below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the release on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris