The Killers have a new single out. The new track which is called ‘Fire In Bone’ takes on a whole new direction for the Las Vegas-based band.

It isn’t the best, to be honest. I am not going to mince my words here. I want to be able to write this review and claim it is as good if not better than the likes of ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Human’, but it merely isn’t. It is so far from those tracks it is astounding.

Nevertheless, some may enjoy this track, but at the GSGM camp today, we could not get onto the wavelength of the group. It does get better, though as it progresses. The best bit of the song is pretty much towards the end where we get back to what The Killers are best at, catchy melodies and explosive choruses.

The Killers Intense Ending

Apart from the intense ending, there isn’t a great deal more for us to relish about this release. It appears all over the place at times, and there does not seem to be any real structure to it. The Killers have headlined some of the worlds biggest festivals. They need to do better than this. It is no way to the standard we come to expect when we see The Killers have a new song out.

But, for me, they have not been at their best for quite some years now, they had a quality hit a few years ago with ‘Caution’, but that was probably because that is very similar to their earlier work. Their first releases are for sure what makes The Killers who they are today. They have created a new sound, but I do not think it is catching on. I could be wrong, and fans may love this. But, I doubt many would say it is better than the ‘Hot Fuss’ or ‘Sam’s Town’ albums.

George Millington