American punk rockers Green Day are back, and by heck do they rock the hemisphere with their new release, ‘Here Comes The Shock‘.

It will be no surprise for anyone familiar with Green Day’s backlog to witness them rattling the speakers with the same energy which the world saw when they first broke out onto the scene in the 90s. They smash it here with an edgy direction, and they will have your socks knocked off from the outset.

Upfront And Full Of Zest

It kicks off with the guitar amps ringing out and a Clash-Esque guitar lead which drives the track forward. Billie Joe then rises to the top of the mix, and he takes no prisoners with his upfront vocal approach. His agile performance is inspirational. Also, his delivery proves why is he potentially the greatest punk vocalist to grace the airwaves over the last few decades.

Musically, the track is typical of Green Day. The guitar riffs are potent, and their previous sound, which was highly popular in their ‘American Idiot‘ era, makes a comeback with a similar cadence. Nevertheless, they bring new qualities to the forefront. They do not reinvent their wheel too much but they build on their trusted sound, and it pays off!

This track is already going down a treat with the hitmakers loyal fanbase. But, it appears that they are recruiting a new line of Green Dayers. Most likely due to this track spreading across social media like wildfire.

So fasten your seatbelts and let Green Day take you on a punk rock adventure. You can take a listen to ‘Here Comes The Shock‘ by Green Day below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new release by commenting below. Do you think this is the best from Green day in recent times?

Emily Harris