Kodaline have just released their new single ‘Sometimes’. This track is the second single from the bands upcoming new album. In typical Kodaline fashion, the song follows a similar vibe to their previous releases. But, this one has taken on a whole new direction, in my opinion.

For me, ‘Sometimes’ sounds very familiar to the ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ ukelele version. That was the first song which came to my head the moment I heard it. That is most likely because they both have a soft ukelele playing out. But, the resemblance is uncanny. Nevertheless, having researched it further, there appears to be no connection.

Kodaline, are kings at making heartfelt tracks. Each of their releases could be soundtracks to movies, and they have not let us down with this new release. It is a track about sometimes getting lost. Also, it shows that even though you may have people around you, you can still be lonely.

Mental Health

With mental health being a huge talking point at the moment, this track could not have come out at a more appropriate time. Nevertheless, it is not a sad tune, yet it tugs on your heartstrings while being an upbeat hit. The track starts with a folky vibe. But, it is not long until we hear the pop qualities in the chorus in which you would expect from the Irish band. Vocally, Steve Garrigan does not disappoint. His vocals are effortlessly handsome with his lyrical tongue in fine form.

Is this track better than previous releases? It is not their best, but yet it is not their worst. The favourite for me is still ‘The One’. But, this is a new chapter for the Irish five-piece, and I am excited to see what the future has in store. Also, you will be sure to spot me at one of their upcoming concerts holding a lighter in the air.

George Millington