Hinds are a band who I first came across one rainy winter evening last year. I went to see them on their UK tour, and they did not disappoint me. Also, their new track ‘Burn’ keeps the energy I gained from that gig alive.

They are for me one of the freshest exports from Spain since Estrella. The all-girl group come full of indie vibes and melodies which cement deep inside. Also, the strong unity within the group is evident with their sound growing with every release they put out. ‘Burn’ boasts a chaotic sound which I relish. It kicks off with a vocal group effort with the members shouting out in elegance and real style.

Signature Sound

We are then with their sharp signature guitar sound relentlessly cutting through in a lo-fi and bold method. The chorus follows a similar style to their previous releases with an infectous lead. ‘Burn’ offers a lot of flavour and variance, which makes the track a pure delight. Each verse is different, and they change their vocal melody regularly, which captivates and grips us even closer to the already robust mix. Not only are they a vocal force full of passion and confidence, but they have a guitar lead which gives some of the more prominent players in this field a real run for their money.

Overall, it is a stellar release from the band who formed in Madrid. Also, I believe this group are taking the lead for female indie. Yes, we have Haim, but these ladies bring something entirely new to the party. I could not help but get stuck into this release, and it could quite easily be the bands best. You can listen to ‘Burn’ by Hinds below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the fresh release on our official social media accounts.

Emily Harris