Ily tbg stopped by for a chat!

Colby: What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Musician? 

Ily tbg: To me just the fact that im able to produce, create and express myself my art to the people is beatiful. Music is a way that i can show my feelings, my thought, my passion

Colby: Which Track Of Yours Means The Most To You?

Ily tbg: Would say 2 songs actually. First one is “My life” and 2 will be “In my Thougths”. Those songs are not released yet, by the way

Colby: The First-Ever Gig You Played, Can You Remember It? How Was It?

Ily tbg: Well i remembered, I did at bar for streetjams, i guess, middle of 15 or 20 people, i believe. Was fun excited, Thought im going to choke myself but i didnt to be honest

Colby: What Do You Think Is The Key To Success As A Musician?

Ily tbg: Believe in themselves, believe in their own music and always keep pushing and never give up

Colby: If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

Ily tbg: Engineer of Telecommunication which i was doing for 8 years i gave up that, area, because is something that i study, a career, but it is not something that i pleased to do with heart. Thats why music is important to me.


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