Saskia Griffiths-Moore stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Hello, Saskia! We love, “Imagination Baby”, what is the meaning behind the song? 

Saskia: The meaning behind the song is quite personal for me. It was inspired by a workshop challenge from Chris Difford to write from the perspective of my childhood imaginary friend. Despite the unusual challenge, the song turned into a joyful reminder to embrace imagination and creativity in our lives.

Colby: You recorded this song in the forests of Poland, how was that experience? 

Saskia: Recording “Imagination Baby” in the forests of Poland was an incredible experience. Being surrounded by nature’s beauty while creating music added a unique and magical element to the process. It was refreshing to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse ourselves in such a serene environment. I flew my British band there to intentionally create an immersive recording experience and the recording is infused with the magic that we all felt while staying there,.

Colby: You are the founder of Talent Is Timeless, can you tell our readers a little about Talent Is Timeless?

Saskia: Talent Is Timeless is a global platform I founded to support and celebrate songwriters over the age of 50 and challenge age-ist attitudes in the music industry. It’s a community where seasoned musicians can share their talent, connect with others, and continue to pursue their passion for music. I’m proud of the diverse and talented group of individuals who make up our community and we are supported by Judy Collins, Ralph McTell, Universal Audio, Atkin Guitars, Caffè Nero, Kasabian’s Ian Matthews and many more.

Colby: What is the best thing about being a singer? 

Saskia: As for the best thing about being a singer, I would have to say it’s the ability to connect with people through music. There’s something truly special about sharing emotions, stories, and experiences with an audience and seeing how music can resonate with people on a deep level.

 Colby: Do you have any more releases planned for 2024?

Saskia: I have 8 released planned for this year and “Imagination Baby” was the first. Each release builds on the last and showcases a different aspect of my songwriting. Coming up next is a release called ‘Soon’, written at the studio in Poland but record in Abbey Road Studios with a backing choir of Talent Is Timeless members. Stay tuned for that on March 29th!

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