Max Bartos stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Hello, Max! Can you share the creative process and inspiration behind your recently released Alternative Rock Opera, “Memento Mori”? How did your personal experiences and musical journey influence the storytelling and themes within the EP?

Max: Hey! Yeah! Ever since I was a kid, I found comfort in the scary things by writing about them! Death is terrifying to me, so I figured “why not write about it!

Colby: Given your diverse background in musical theater, film, and as a frontman for emo/pop punk bands, how do you navigate between these different artistic realms? Do you find that each influences the other in your creative endeavors?

Max: I honestly feel like I’d go crazy without them all! I truly think in order to be an artist, in any way, you have to spread your wings and learn new things and do all sorts of creative endeavors. How are you going to be able to write and record if you have no perspective?

Colby: As a self-taught musician proficient in six instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums, how has your musical skill set evolved over the years? How do you balance your roles as a performer, composer, and lyricist in your various musical projects?

Max: My skill set has definitely deepened and morphed into something I’m very proud of. I truly believe that the art of balancing different hats and projects is to truly find the joy in each one, and treat it with gratitude and love. 

Colby: In addition to your achievements in the entertainment industry, you co-host the horror film podcast “Clowns “R” Us.” How did your interest in horror films develop, and how does this podcast allow you to explore your passion for the genre alongside co-host Connor Dean?

Max: Horror is one of those genres where there’s so much theatricality and absurdity that I was instantly reeled in! Having an outlet to express your appreciation for something you love, and a friend who shares that same passion is incredibly important!

Colby: Your journey from a life-threatening bike crash at 11 years old to originating the role of Darren in Sing Street on Broadway is remarkable. How has overcoming adversity shaped your approach to both life and your artistic pursuits?

Max: It has deepened my appreciation towards life, and has absolutely given me the gift of worldview and perspective. I’m grateful for the roadblocks.

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