Javier, Spanish pianist and songwriter has just captivated his fans globally with new track ‘Una Mañana’. Why? Because it delivers a perfect blend of classical hooks whilst staying contemporary and emotive throughout.

Discovered by one of the most recognised pianists of the 20th century, Javier got his impressive career underway with private lessons from Rafael Orozco. Since then, Javier has gone from strength to strength and has performed with countless orchestras all over the world.

Already gathering attention far and wide, ‘Una Mañana’ taken from the album ‘Handmade’ is a track which has you hooked from the very start. Although an instrumental, it fills you with everything you need. Also, its melody takes you on an unforgettable adventure leaving you itching to replay.

Seeking the finest classical piano melodies? Then look no further than Javier. You can watch the official video on YouTube.

George Millington