Liverpool based musician, Scott Beckett’s newest track ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ has recently released. The touching song is the opening single from Scott’s second EP, ‘The Ferris Wheel’. Which is due for release next month.

‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ is an emotional ballad detailing finally finding the light after a harrowing period of darkness. The message of the song is truly reassuring to its listeners. Because we follow the journey of realisation that things really are ‘gonna be alright’ after a tough time as the lyrics state.

The folk influenced acoustic track is a breath of fresh air at its core. The single gives us a positive message that we have all needed at one time of another. Giving us a sense of support even just for the length of the song. Scott’s voice is soothing, and the chorus takes away the darkness. Instilling a sense of hope in his audience, Scott’s lyrics are raw and genuine, something much sought after in today’s climate.

Scott Beckett is an acoustic pop/rock musician from Liverpool. His acoustic driven music is full of catchy melodies and choruses. His lyrics are always relatable, with an emotional flair of song writing clear throughout his career.

Scott’s musical influences are clearly heard, with the sounds of Noel Gallagher, Bob Dylan and The Beatles resonating throughout his music.

If this opening single is anything to go by, Scott’s new EP is going to be full of catchy hits for your playlist. Make sure to watch out for his new release, ‘The Ferris Wheel’ coming this February.

George Millington