Indie fans far and wide, hold onto your trilby hats because Razorlight are back. Well, do not jump out of your skinny jeans just yet; it is technically an old song from 11 years ago. But it has only just come out now

The single is excellent, and it boasts the feel-good indie you would expect from the group. As a result, many music fans are wondering why they never put it out in the first place. Also, why leave it for 11 years?

Either way, it came to our ears eventually, and I am glad it did. Catchy is an understatement, and the melody leaps out and grips you firmly in its grasp. Vocally, Johnny Borrell excites, and he delivers a thoroughly strong performance. Also, he comes across a little less annoying than before. Some of the bands biggest hits always use to grate on me after a while.

Sound Better

For me, I think Razorlight sound better when I listen to them today than they did when they first came out. Maybe they were ahead of their time? Or perhaps I have naturally warmed to their music as I have aged. Either way, this track is ticking all of the right boxes for me. Also, it is great to hear them speak about a hotspot I know so well. Having grown up visiting Camden regularly, it is lovely to listen to them talk about it. Even if they reiterate the words ‘Burn Camden Burn’.

Overall, I cherish this release, and it has reignited the indie flame within me. The band’s sounds are nostalgic for me. It takes me back to my youth and driving around listening to their tracks on the radio. Now all I need to do is hit up an indie disco post lockdown, and we are all sorted.

Emily Harris