With the release of their debut EP, ‘Modern Mythology’, Australian rock band Lipstereo have taken over the New Music airwaves. We have been clinging to the four-track gem ever since it was released!

The band shows that they mean business by opening with the critically acclaimed song ‘Stop’, which features a wall of sound that smacks us around the chops for all the right reasons. The adrenaline is tangible, and the guitar riffs are so tasty they’ll make your mouth swim. Meanwhile, the drum hits are so powerful they’ll make your fists pump, and the vocal delivery is so incisive it could cut a serpent in half.

‘Little Spaceships’ bolsters the band’s tremendous sound, and it lodges itself firmly within the mind and heart of the listener. ‘Feedback’ begins with a crunchy guitar prelude that ushers us in the direction of a prominent lead vocal. The final track on the EP is ‘Take The Bus’, and it is a flawless conclusion to the EP, causing us to want to hit the replay button for another dose!

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George Millington