London Grammar are dropping releases left, right and centre at the moment. Mind you, what else is there to do for a musician in lockdown other than to write new tunes? Well, I suppose that is the only good thing to come from this self-isolation period.

‘Californian Soil’ follows the signature sound which we have heard a lot of in recent years from the English electronic pop group. However, it comes with new flavours which arrive fresh and with a mesmerising quality. Moreover, the track kicks off with a gradually increasing guitar lead line which boasts an unusual chorus effect. Vocals pop out in the opener also, and anyone who can decipher the words deserves a medal. For me, the random inclusion of vocal sounds remind me of the sound chairs make when you move them across a tiled floor.

Hannah Reid

Vocalist, Hannah Reid, then gets down to business with a vocal which comes with a tone which could cut through glass. She proves why she is one of the finest pop singers of the generation. Also, her vocal leaves a long-lasting impression, similar to the band’s previous hits.

Meaningful with their delivery, the lyrics push through with conviction, and the sound takes a folky direction as the track progresses. Also, we hear Hannah delve into a myriad of areas. Furthermore, her soft and more rigid notes all make it into the mix. However, I would enjoy a little more backing in places instead of just an echo riding the wave in the background.

Musically it is exciting, as you would expect from London Grammar. But, the structure stays relatively condensed throughout with a tempo which rarely picks up pace. Nevertheless, the energy still flows, and it is hard to fault the approach.

You can take a listen to ‘Californian Soil’ by London Grammar below.

Emily Harris