K-pop girl group, LOONA are back with their new single ‘Why Not?’. It is a track which pushes K-pop even deeper into the history books with a catchy pop sound which delivers the feel-good energy instantly.

Starting we hear a subterranean bass which reminds me of something which would come from AWOLNATION. The girls then leap forward to the mic, which one opens first is anyone’s guess given that there are 12 members in the group. Wow, and I thought, Blazing Squad where member heavy with ten people all craving mic time. Also, how do the girls arrange rehearsals? It must be a nightmare trying to get 12 people all available at the same time.


Anyways, their music is off the wall for anyone who craves melodic and slightly cheesy pop. LOONA boast angelic vocal melodies which glide through the airwaves in style. Also, they regularly get the party vibes flowing with them stopping and bringing the old ‘Take It To The Right’ and ‘Take It To The Right’ lines. At times the track reminds me of ‘Gangnam Style’. Furthermore, it follows a similar melody, and I believe this is intentional to make it a club hit, shame though that we are all in lockdown and the most moves this track will get is fans bopping along in their front rooms.

As the track progresses, we hear a myriad of new sounds appearing and the arrangement changes regularly. Furthermore, it takes hints from lots of sources, at times it comes across very Nicki Minaj too. Additionally, it appears to be a trend in K-pop at the moment with ‘Why Not?’ sounding as though they are just pining for a global hit. We saw this happen recently with ‘Dynamite’ by BTS with the lyrics having little substance other than to grab a number one spot.

You can take a listen to ‘Why Not?’ by LOONA below.

Emily Harris