Zedd has teamed up with vocalist Griff for one of the finest electronic pop tracks to grace the airwaves in recent times. I have been following Zedd for many years now, and he never disappoints. As a result, this new track ticks all of my boxes once again.

It is his catchy synth hooks and driving rhythm arrangments which pull me in every time. ‘Inside Out’ follows a similar direction to his previous hits but the new flavour which Griff brings to the party is refreshing. Furthermore, Griff sings with utmost confidence, and her passion drips all over the mix from the moment she opens her cords.


Taking a new angle with her vocal, Griff stands out in the modern chart, but she also has a unique quality which makes her shine like a radiant light. Moreover, Zedd combines a rising synth effect with the vocal, and for me, I believe it works very well. Also, the product is shortlived, allowing Griff to breathe, and she lets her natural tone flow effortlessly.

Musically, ‘Inside Out’ is a gift with a myriad of sounds popping out in the mix. Also, the structure regularly changes with the pace picking up before gently taking us back down to land. Additionally, the track hits the melting point with ease with the bass dropping with colossal effect.

Overall, this track is contagious. Furthermore, it has a melody which cements itself deep, and the harmonies echo around the brain well after listening. So much so, it is magnetic with it influencing us to hit the replay button to get one more fix.

You can take a listen to ‘Inside Out’ by Zedd and Griff below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris