Machine Gun Kelly has a new track out and to be honest, it is pretty bloody good too. The release is called ‘Bloody Valentine’, and it comes full of emotion and energy from the beginning.

The artist whos own Spotify bio states he delivers lyrics with the speed of a bullet train does not disappoint with this new track. The song follows previous releases with infectious melodies and sharp hooks. For me, MGK is one of the greatest and most innovative rappers since Eminem hit the scene.

Musically, ‘Bloody Valentine’ is reminiscent of something you would hear on a Blink 182 album. However, this is most likely because Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker produced it. The pair have become very close friends over the past few years and are continuing their music relationship with plenty of collabs.


Lyrically, Machine Gun Kelly is unsurprisingly piercing; he is poignant with each word he delivers. As a result, it is not difficult to get into his headspace as you listen on. Captivating and memorable is the best way I can sum up his performance here. Also, he appears to be getting better with each release that he drops. Therefore, it is only right for me to put this up there with his best and I would go onto say this is potentially his greatest to date. A bold statement I know, but it is hard to find anything wrong with ‘Bloody Valentine’.

Overall, ‘Bloody Valentine’ is a powerful track. Also, it is just a taster of what we can expect from his impending album ‘ Tickets To My Downfall’. If you have not heard this new single yet, then do not stall. Grab it now while it’s hot.

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Emily Harris