Ask me a few days ago, and I would not have told you I would be writing a review about a new yet old Oasis song. The new track ‘Don’t Stop’ is out now and fans including myself are going pretty wild about it.

So apparently, Noel Gallagher was browsing through his cupboard and came across the demo of the track. Much to fans excitement, the Manchester musician decided to release it for everyone to hear. An excellent job he did. It is a song which sums up what we all going through right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The release is relatively chilled and reminiscent of Oasis from yesteryear. You can quickly tell that he put pen to paper around the time the band dropped their ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ album. Lyrically, it is optimistic and refreshing. Vocally, Noel Gallagher is flying high. Musically, it is very toned down. Especially, when comparing it to your average Oasis record, which is usually all guns blazing rock and roll.

Noel Gallagher

Presumably, everything about the song is Noel Gallagher. We doubt many of the others had a tremendous amount of input on it due to the fact Noel put it out without consulting the other members first. It is relatively long and sits at around 5 minutes in length; however, it is nothing in comparison with their track ‘All Around The World’ which plays out for a whopping 9 minutes and 38 seconds.

Overall, it is an excellent release from R Kid and what better time to put it out than this moment. Yes, we had to wait 11 years for it, but to be honest, it could potentially be the last new song we hear from the band unless the brothers make mend of course. Also, I bet the other members are currently routing through their archives too.

George Millington