Resurrection‘ by Mike Zito – Album Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

Mike Zito is releasing his show-stopping new album, ‘Resurrection‘ on the 16th of July; our lucky lugs have managed to grab an early listen; it’s a treat!

The eleven-track stadium ripper features some of the punchiest blues-rock tracks to leap out of the scene in some time. Also, the star-studded names Mike Zito has pulled in for the record pays off handsomely with each track melting the ears with top class.

Slap The Chops Like A Wet Kipper

Opening the record is ‘I’ll Make Love To You‘. Not one to mess around, Mike Zito instantly gets the groove in motion with a thunderous bluesy rhythm and also a vocal that slaps the chops like a wet kipper. He is fresher than a box of fruit, and he smashes his way through with vigour.

Dreaming Of You‘ slows down the record somewhat. But, the guitars get more of a focus with a delicious tone that gets the air guitar rising in a frenzy. Heading down a more soul-rock rock route with ‘In My Blood‘, the soundscape covers the ears like a heated blanket. Also, Mike adopts an unorthodox vocal approach, making him stand out, but for the right reasons.

Flipping the sound on the head, ‘When It Rains‘ arrives just that little bit different with the drums riding the way onward. They are big, and they smash the speakers like thunder; it is a foot-tapper, and Mike synergises seamlessly with the infectious rhythm from the kick drum.

The album picks up with intense characteristic towards the closing stages with ‘Running Man‘ getting the party lit once again; the crunch from the guitar picks up the ears, and Mike hits his vocal firmly on the head. ‘Resurrection‘ concludes the album. It showcases Mikes‘ talent with a guitar solo which will most likely head up the ultimate guitar tab list at rapid speed.

So, wait no longer, you can check it out below. Also, pre-order from the 21st of May here.

Colby Morrel