Miley Cyrus has mentioned that she now struggles with stage fright. At 31 years old, the singer admits she feels more fear performing now than she ever did in her twenties. Why? Well, she believes this shift is because of the COVID lockdown.

Speaking to W Magazine, Miley said that the extended period of social distancing impacted her confidence on stage. She said: “I perform out of fear. I didn’t always have the fear of performing that I have now,” she revealed. “But going from spending two years alone and seeing no more than one person a day during lockdown to knowing that millions of people watch the Grammys is a big shock to the nervous system.”

Her candidness about this new fear offers a glimpse into the lasting effects of the pandemic on artists, shedding light on how even the most seasoned performers are adjusting to post-lockdown realities. Miley’s openness about her vulnerability is likely to resonate with many, reflecting a broader experience of anxiety in the wake of the global crisis.

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Becky Anderson