Moby Rich (Or Mob Rich depending on where you read about them) take on a new path by covering the Echo And The Bunnymen classic, ‘The Killing Moon‘. It is a track originally from 1984, but yet it still sounds super relevant 36 years on, and the LA-based pop duo freshen it up with mesmerising quality.

For anyone familiar with the original version of this track, you will notice that the band have not changed a considerable amount. Instead, Moby Rich work with what is on offer and the pair bring it back to life and make it even more fitting to the modern times. I relish this approach because far too often, some cover artists decide to strip tracks right back and the result takes away from the original flavour.


It kicks off with an edgy guitar riff which rings out with vigour. The pair then join forces and sing alongside each other with harrowing expression. The power drips from the mix, and the chorus hits hard with a thunderous rhythm. The energy perpetrates as the track progresses and they leave an indent with their firm performance.

Overall, I am very much enjoying this new release from Moby Rich. Mind you; it probably helps that I am a big Echo And The Bunnymen fan anyway. Also, it is perhaps more suitable for me, given that it still sounds very akin to the original recording. But, the band prove their versatility. Also, ask me a few months back if I believed Moby Rich would cover a track like this one? I would have bet my last dollar that they would not.

You can take a listen to ‘The Killing Moon‘ by Moby Rich below. Also, be sure to let us know what you think to the cover by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris