US rockers, Good Charlotte, smash through rockdown with their latest release ‘Last December‘. The first single from the group in two years.

It kicks off with a slick guitar lead which has a delayed effect as if the engineer has flipped it on its head. Also, frontman, Joel Madden reaches for the mic. Here, he hits home with a nail-biting lyrical message about the death of someone he cherished. ‘His friends all come to the funeral underdressed, They stuck around for an hour or so and then they left’. Lyrically, it is solemn. But, the story which Joel expresses is unforgettable, and it pierces the heartstrings from the get-go.


As the track progresses, a bold rhythm picks up, and it kicks us from our chair. So much so, the guns blaze in the chorus and the texture thumps with omnipotent flavour. It is a trend which Good Charlotte follow, and they have mastered the ability to raise us to the melting point before suddenly dropping us. They do just that here. Moreover, once the chorus concludes, we are straight back into the more gently hit yet fast-paced verse.

Towards the latter, the group open their imagination even further, and they unleash a killer guitar solo which takes me straight back to the emo days when this group hit the big time. It pins with intensity and the band then head off back to their signature chorus which has a melody which boasts potentially the catchiest hook I have heard in the rock game for many months.

You can take a listen to ‘Last December‘ by Good Charlotte below.

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Emily Harris