Rihanna, the iconic ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker, has finally given fans a glimpse into the progress of her long-awaited ninth studio album. The singer’s partner, A$AP Rocky, recently confirmed that the multi-talented artist is actively working on her follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Anti’, which was released back in 2016.

In a viral clip circulating among fans, the 35-year-old rapper casually responded to inquiries about Rihanna’s album, stating, “She’s working on it.” This simple yet significant confirmation has ignited excitement among Rihanna’s dedicated fanbase, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the Fenty Beauty founder.

Despite the anticipation, fans are still left without an official release date. However, Rihanna’s recent statements offer some insight into her creative process and mindset. In December, the ‘We Found Love’ singer revealed that she is currently in an “era of discovery”, unsure of what the future holds but filled with excitement for what’s to come.

In an interview with Complex, Rihanna expressed her enthusiasm for exploration and experimentation across various facets of her life, including music. She emphasized her eagerness to delve into new territories and embrace the journey of self-discovery, hinting at a profound and transformative musical experience for her listeners.

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George Millington