As anticipation builds for Gwen Stefani’s reunion with her iconic ska punk band, No Doubt, at Coachella this April, the star reveals she’s feeling a mix of excitement and nerves about revisiting their classic hits. The 54-year-old singer, set to take the stage with the band for the first time since 2015, opened up about her apprehensions surrounding some of the group’s older songs.

In an interview with the Daily Star’s Wired column, Stefani confessed that certain tracks from their back catalogue evoke intense emotions within her. Reflecting on the process of revisiting songs like “Ex-Girlfriend,” Stefani admitted, “I can’t listen to a lot of songs because they speak so clearly to me.”

She delved deeper into her emotional connection to the music, saying, “You have regrets, you make mistakes, and a lot of songs are about that.” Stefani then revealed the visceral reaction she experiences when performing “Ex-Girlfriend,” explaining, “When I do ‘Ex-Girlfriend,’ when I say it I almost throw up in my mouth because I just know exactly where I was at the moment to write that song. It brings you right back.”

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George Millington