Rock outfit The Score release anthemic ‘Best Part’. With this song, I am struggling to find anything wrong with it, to be honest. Therefore, if you are expecting me to pick up on a bad sound or direction, you are probably best browsing away. Better still, here is what I love most about it.

‘Best Part’ is a rock bullet. Play it very loud, and I doubt it will be the last time you stick it on your playlist. It kicks off with a similar vibe to Imagine Dragons, your everyday music listener, may even mistake the bands at the start. But, we are soon into good old ‘The Score’ with huge choruses and energy-driven leads.

Best Track

For me, this is the duo’s best track to date. The media attention for it is rather slow though which I find surprising, Why? Who knows. Everybody needs to get their ears around this because it is one of the best anthems of the year so far. The best part of the track is the vocals. Vocally, it is fresh and brings with it heaps of vitality. Structurally, the song makes the right direction, and I doubt anyone can argue with the path they have taken.

It has something for everyone does ‘Best Part’. If top vocals are what you seek, then you will hear it here. On the flip, maybe you want to listen to what would happen if you put Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons in a blender. Also, it is a real treat for all guitar lovers out there. The rhythm guitar is appealing from the first chord. Lead is sharper than a broken glass edge. Overall, it is a top-notch release. You need to give it a listen for yourself though to find out what the hype is.

Listen below.

George Millington