2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of One Direction. Liam Payne has already hinted at a documentary to mark the date, but will we also be getting a reunion?

1D fans are certainly speculating. Especially because the boy band’s official website has recently made live again and also updated. A subtle update to the website included the footer changing to ‘2020 Sony Music Entertainment’.

One Direction

This seemingly small update comes as a large announcement to fans. Many people have reason to believe that this points to a reunion this year.

This news has sparked excitement with Directioners, especially across social media. Fans have been waiting a long 5 years to see the group back in full force, ever since Zayn left in 2015.

In 2016, One Direction officially announced that they would be taking a hiatus. This happened just less than a year after Zayn Malik quit the band. Each of the band members have had very successful solo careers ever since.

However, many of the boys have tours in place for 2020. With Harry, Niall and Louis all having world tours kicking off this year. It is certain that they will be busy boys this year. But we are not ruling out a 2020 reunion, with our hopes remaining high and their albums playing loud.

Bookies Predictions

Odds have also been placed on the likelihood of a 1D reunion. With Coral bookmakers currently placing odds of 1-2 for a 2020 reunion and 6-4 for a new 1D album. However, the odds of a reunion including Zayn Malik are lower, at 5-2.

Coral’s John Hill told Daily Star Online: “Punters have been knocking us over to back the boys to get back together in 2020. Where one or two of them have hinted that a reunion is possible in the near future.

“Unfortunately for One Direction fans, the betting suggests a reunion will be without Zayn Malik.”

So, will we get a One Direction reunion? Will it really be a reunion without Zayn involved? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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