Post Malone has released a new video for his hit single ‘Circles’. However, this one has a bit of a difference. You will need two phones to watch it. Oh, and a Spotify subscription each. In other words, it isn’t easy to watch.

This video might be hard to watch for most, unless you have two phones lying around. You’ll have to link up with your fellow Posty fans for this one.

Post Malone

The video is also exclusive to the popular streaming service, Spotify. Creating an interesting experience that encourages fans to come together to watch the video. This video exclusive is an interesting addition to Spotify, who are now not only gaining music exclusives, but visuals too.

Post Malone has partnered with Powster and the Digital Marketing & Innovation department at UMG to bring his fans the new synchronised visuals for ‘Circles’. The format of these visuals also bring a new way to listen to and watch music, connecting the format of the art piece with the message of the lyrics. As the format of this two halves music video truly encompasses the message of the song.

Post Malone

The innovative video format is the latest in Post Malone’s attempt to express himself artistically. In addition, he has already utilised technology such as VR live shows to further engage fans globally.

The video fits the lyrics in telling the story of a couple breaking up and getting back together. With the visuals set to Post Malone’s track ‘Circles’. This track is from his latest album ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ which came out in September.

How To Watch

The music video even comes with an instructional video explaining how to view it correctly, which you can watch below.

There are two separate videos, which come together when two phone screens are placed side-by-side. Posty fans are told to watch “her side” on the ‘Posty’s Universe’ playlist (one of Spotify’s ‘enhanced album experiences’) and watch “his side” on the Today’s Top Hits playlist.

Get your two phones ready and view the video here.

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