Owen Atlas, known for his roles in Little Evil and Handy, came to see us! What a pleasure!

Colby: Hello, Owen. It’s great to talk to you. Can you provide our readers with a brief synopsis of your latest movie, “Breathing Happy”?

Owen: “Breathing Happy” is a mind-bending drama about addiction, recovery, and relationships.  I played the main character, Dylan, as a youth.  He is fighting his personal demons throughout the film. Stay tuned for the theatrical world premiere of Breathing Happy at Popcorn Frights Fest in Miami on August 21st at 7 PM at O Cinema Theatre, 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Colby: What was it like working with Katelyn Nacon?

Owen: I admire Katelyn Nacon a lot.  She’s a great actress and a kind person. She studied at the same acting camp that I did when she was a child. We also have some of the same mentors and coaches.

Colby: You are an award-winning martial artist and got your black belt at nine years of age; that is very impressive! What is the key to achieving such success at a young age? 

Owen: I am a very determined person and I always have been. My mom studied martial arts and encouraged me to study martial arts as well. It really helped me to work toward a goal and achieve it. I think the key to success is hard work, encouragement from those around you, and a strong support system. And of course, an attitude of never giving up.

Colby: Given that we are in London, it is only appropriate to ask about your experience in England. Is it true that you come here throughout the summer? If so, where do you like to visit most when you are in the UK?

Owen: Yes I live in England during the summers in the Cambridge area. I love it there. I love to visit historical spots and castles. There is so much history in England. Of course, I love doing day trips to London. We were once able to do a private tour at the British Museum, and that was amazing. It’s one of my favorite museums. I’ve been there several times. I also love having tea with my mom at Harrods.  I love to get a good curry and of course some Cadbury.  I love to go to the seaside and get fish and chips. And we love visiting the countryside outside of London. We love to stay at the Four Seasons Hampshire. It’s like a second home to me.  The staff there are very kind and supportive of my acting career.  We also like to visit Wales a lot as we have family there, especially in the Cardiff area. And Cardiff Castle is one of my favorites.  And I do love watching football on TV! 

Colby: I guess it’s difficult for you to find leisure time because you work so hard. However, how do you like to spend your days off when you do get them?

Owen: When I have days off I like to spend them with my pets, my dogs, my snake, or my horse. I love to go hiking and searching for reptiles. I love going to the beach and I love to surf.


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