Raphael from German rock group, Prior The End stopped by for a chat!

Colby: What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Musician?

Raphael: Since most covid restrictions dropped I can once again confirm that it definitely is playing music together with other people. There’s a distinct dynamic by looking in one’s eyes and just communicating on a different level. Can’t quite describe. Especially when jamming out or writing. That moment something’s working all the sudden and you can tell the others just felt the same sensation of fortitude. Absolutely priceless.

Colby: Which Track Of Yours Means The Most To You?

Raphael: I always was afraid of this question. You have a special connection the each and every one of them, even if you it’s objectively not as good as the next one. But if I had to pick, I currently would say Trespassing In Sanity. It’s just so universal in its themes but when you take in one particular direction it’s so specific again. 

Colby: The First-Ever Gig You Played, Can You Remember It? How Was It?

Raphael: That was in a club in Ingolstadt, a city near our hometown. It doesn’t exist anymore but bust local bands had played there and made there first connections. It was a pretty vibrant scene then. We just had to cancel our first ever show and set up a show out of thin air. In the end we played with one of our local heroes and it was a great night. I think we were quite bad though. Fuck it, you know…First show!

Colby:  What Do You Think Is The Key To Success As A Musician?

Raphael: You would have had to speak to my manager first if I had an answer to that. Since almost all logical ways to success got drowned through a glut in the music market, I would say…be kind to those who surround you. You’ll never know who might help you some day. And yeah…a big portion of luck, I guess.

Colby: If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

Raphael: Since I don’t work as a musician on a day job base, I only can tell you what I’m doing right now. I’m currently studying musicology and sociology and working part time at a petrol station. The goal is a job in the music industry. The dream is being a fulltime musician. 


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