‘Primal Thing’ is the latest offering from Pris. The track is everything you would come to expect from an artist of this calibre, and it is testament to her talent.

Pris, who resides in Brazil, is a pop artist who takes on new dimensions through her music. She has also created an innovative sound based on personal experience as a form of self-therapy. This emotion and passion drips from her tracks and leaves you feeling very close to the singer.

‘Primal Thing’ is a great pop hit. It boasts a catchy vocal from Pris which sits on a tight hard-hitting beat which claps its way through the track. It has a disco vibe, and it leaves you itching to get onto the dancefloor from the get-go. This summer is going to be a big year for Pris with ‘Primal Thing’ set to shake a few hips.

If you are seeking the most beautiful pop, then look no further than ‘Primal Thing’.

George Millington