Bodoni are an Italian rock band who keep on supplying the goods to Rock fans far and wide. First, we had ‘Devil In The Crypt’, and now we have ‘Any’.

This one is a rock banger at its finest. It is a heavy guitar- driven track which takes influence from various rock genres including indie and grunge. The band are building a reputation for dropping huge anthemic chorus’ and guitar leads which we have not heard for quite some time in the rock world.

It takes influences from the world’s greatest rock and roll stars. As a result, it is a hybrid of all things superb, and it is best to play this one loud. It kicks off with a powerful guitar and rhythm section before lead singer Nico unleashes his signature raw vocals. Put this in front of any rock fan and watch them lose their s**t!

If you are looking for a foot-tapping, energetic rock piece which you do not get bored of, then grab this one while it is hot!

George Millington