Psychology’s self-titled album is a journey through the realms of cerebral rock, uplifted by shoegaze fuzz, waves of distortion, and thought-provoking vocal musings. Following their debut ‘First Contact’, the band’s eponymous release showcases their evolution as musicians and storytellers.

Fronted by John Atkinson, a master of educational psychology turned musician, Psychology’s music taps into the positive effects of music on the brain. Their sophomore single, ‘The Economy’, is a prime example of their ability to craft songs that challenge perspective and stir emotions.

The album kicks off with ‘Spatial Relations,’ a powerful opener that introduces listeners to the band’s signature sound of crunchy guitar riffs, ear-pleasing bass lines, and stadium-filling drum beats. While vocals make their entrance on the fourth track, ‘Blue’, they radiate a beautiful intensity that complements the band’s instrumental quality.

As the album unfolds, Psychology’s eclectic influences, ranging from PJ Harvey to Tool, become evident, creating a diverse sonic grip that keeps listeners engaged. The album’s culmination, ‘The Economy’, leaves an indelible impression, pulling you back in for more long after its conclusion.

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