In a refreshing display of support and understanding, Roman Kemp, renowned Capital FM presenter and host of the upcoming Summertime Ball, has voiced his admiration for Lewis Capaldi’s decision to prioritize his mental health. Moreover, Lewis recently made headlines after announcing a much-needed break from touring, prompting Roman to commend his pal for taking such a courageous step.

In an interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column, Roman expressed his genuine pride in Lewis Capaldi for his openness and honesty about mental health. Despite his disappointment over missing Lewis’s performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball, Roman emphasized the significance of putting well-being first.

While acknowledging his disappointment, Roman stated, “Of course I’m gutted we won’t see him — but actually, I’m really proud of him for speaking out.” Roman Kemp, like many others, understands the importance of destigmatizing mental health struggles and actively supports Lewis’s decision to take time off for self-care.

Recognizing Lewis Capaldi’s influential position as an artist, Roman Kemp emphasized the positive impact that his honesty can have on fans. Roman emphasized, “It’s so important people understand it’s OK to take time out and look after yourself and your mental wellbeing — so somebody like Lewis who is so honest and open with fans can make a real difference.”

George Millington