North London singer-songwriter, SprightXMusic, has released his brand new single ‘Selfless’, a track full of smooth vocals and atmospheric production, which is sure to make waves as we head into the autumn months.

Jeremiah Balintuma, AKA SprightXMusic, is a recording artist hailing from North London. His sound is best described as atmospheric and melodic, with elements of R&B, neo-soul and electronic music. He draws inspiration from many artists, including Favela, Honne, The Japanese House, Drake, James Blake and more.

With production from Chris OG, ‘Selfless’ is a chart-worthy track with a hard-hitting bass line and polished sound. Jeremiah’s songwriting talent shines throughout and the sense of atmosphere complements the smooth vocal hooks with great grace.

If mellow R&B with impactful songwriting and top-notch production is what you like, be sure to listen to this release. With a single as strong as ‘Selfless’, the future looks very bright for SprightXMusic.

George Millington