The 1975 are back better than ever before in my opinion. The band excite me with every release the group drop. Purely because each one comes full of goodies which I struggle to find elsewhere.

Their new tune ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’, follows a similar vibe to their previous releases but they seldom do the same thing twice. The new release is catchy and ignites the pop flame for anyone who loves good old feel-good pop. The one thing I relish most about the Manchester outfit is that they do not just cater for your thirsty pop advocates but also the indie scene too.

The band have a sound which is unique to themselves don’t they? The vocals are always on point and unique with each note they deliver. Matt Healy found his style early on in his career, and he has grown in his role to become one of the most stand out frontmen of the generation. The music is flying high on this release too. It has an 80s feel to it, but then again most of their tracks do. The drums are sharp and thump like thunder.

The 1975 Sound

The guitar takes a more indie influence with an unforgettable lead whirling out within the chorus section. I am yet to see this band live, ask me why? I do not know. But I need to attend a concert post lockdown. I can only imagine how immense they sound playing at one of the major festivals. I am sure one of you can vouch for that. For me, the band are not slowing. The sound is growing with every song. Also, if you admire the catchy pop the band do best, then you will love this new release. Also, for sax lovers too, you need to get your ears wrapped around ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’.

George Millington