I cannot think of a more exciting male vocalist than ‘YUNGBLUD’ at the moment. He has brought a sound which is fresh and imaginative. Also, it is quite surprising to see his sudden rise to fame. One moment, he was just your everyday Doncaster lad, the next he is a global sensation.

In recent times, he has teamed up with some of the worlds most prominent names and has a string of hit releases already under his belt. His new track ‘Weird!’ is just following on from his success. It is a track which I genuinely am right behind. It is rocky yet has a contemporary feel to it as well, which opens it up to a broad target audience.


‘Weird!’ speaks volumes with a sublime vocal on display here. The singer never keeps his emotions held back, and he gives his all on this new track. We hear him talk about the weird times we are going through. I think it is just by fluke that this has come out in the middle of a pandemic because the lyrics are hugely relatable. Nevertheless, the singer speaks freely about how it is all a ‘weird time in his life’. It is a personal track, and for me, the singer is singing about a topic close to his heart.

I have long been an admirer of YUNGBLUD. I was blown away by his not so distant release ‘The Underrated Youth’. To me, that track had a kind of My Chemical Romance vibe to it. Nevertheless, I hear none of that influence here on ‘Weird!’ and if anything, there is a similarity to The 1975.

Overall, it is a top-quality track from the artist. He is worthy of his newfound stardom, and I cannot wait to get my lugs wrapped firmly around his next release. You can listen to ‘Weird!’ below.

George Millington