Can you sense the good vibes? It’s from Thomas Cole’s new hit, ‘Fairy Tales,’ where Lizzie Allyn also appears. The song is an explosive pop electronic stroke of joy that arrives at a time when the world is in desperate need of it more than ever!

The planet has been in upheaval for the last few years. Also, not just due to COVID, but also because of societal and climate difficulties, yet there is new hope, thanks to this latest release. ‘Fairy Tales’ is a fantastic example of contemporary electronic pop. It’s cheesy pop, but it works, and Thomas Cole and Lizzie Allyn have terrific chemistry together!

‘Fairy Tales’ begins with a thundering beat and a synth hook swirling around in the mix. The tempo drops suddenly, and Thomas Cole enters with a vocal that sounds like singing through a subway tannoy speaker. As the song proceeds, his voice tone becomes more prominent, and his lyrics become more apparent as the chorus approaches. It’s a song about believing that even the most fantastical dreams can come true.

Lizzie Allyn also backs up the message, and it is clear from her performance that the song is about two people who are brought together solely by fate. They come from different backgrounds, and while the possibilities of them meeting on paper are minimal, nothing can stop their paths from crossing in the world of opportunity.

The vocals are captivating, and both vocalists are up to the task! Their performances are stunning, and the energy that emanates from the music is palpable!

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