Canadian musician, 780 Masochist stopped by for a chat.

Colby: What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Musician? 

780 Masochist: Cliched. But it can be the only healthy outlet I have at times. Every other activity I have scraped the surface with, tends to leave me distracted (searching for my phone, preoccupied with the past, present, regrets). With music, I can get lost for hours. It’s had a profound impact on me and on others, I’m sure of it.

Colby: Which Track Of Yours Means The Most To You? 

780 Masochist: My most recent one; Memories (or memories 11/11). It was very therapeutic, making the track. The producer I collaborated with was perfect. Captured the mood I desired perfectly, and was very Toronto-esque. The mixing and mastering was perfect, and well done (shout out Tyree Thomas). I don’t think I’ll ever be as content with a track as this one. Simply because the emotions I was dealing with at the time were as organic as I ever felt.

Colby: The First-Ever Gig You Played, Can You Remember It? How Was It?

780 Masochist: Black Dog, downtown Edmonton. I was a supporting cast for my three friends performing. But the energy and support of spectators was phenomenal. Although the hip hop scene from my city was shallow a decade ago. It’s starting to cultivate a sound of its own very quickly.

Colby: What Do You Think Is The Key To Success As A Musician?

780 Masochist: Dedication. Commitment. Consistency. Talent without application can only take you so far. You have to want it, at least I think.

Colby: If You Wasn’t A Musician, What Job Would You Be Doing?

780 Masochist: Something creative and captivating. That would keep other and myself engaged. Which is pretty difficult to accomplish nowadays. I’m an Engineering student so, the connection between music theory, and production to physics, decibels, frequency theory are more interlinked than people think.

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