Andrew Neil & Code Purple’s latest single, “Blue Moon,” is a magical trip through the realms of alternative rock. From the very first note to the last lingering chord, the song commands attention and refuses to be ignored. Co-written by the dynamic duo of Andrew Neil and Logan Wayne, “Blue Moon” is an exploration of change, unpredictability, and the profound impact of rare experiences.

What makes “Blue Moon” such a hit here at IZILION is its evocative storytelling which come with infectious melodies. As the lyrics delve into the concept of change, drawing parallels to the elusive celestial event it’s named after, Andrew Neil & Code Purple take us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Musically, “Blue Moon” is a powerhouse. The instrumentation is rich and multi-layered, with every guitar riff and drumbeat adding depth and texture to the overall sound. From the haunting melodies to the anthemic choruses, each element of the song is crafted with precision and care.

You can take a listen below.

George Millington