The Denmark based musician, Frederik Cornelius has just released ‘Someday’ straight off the back the success of his previous hit ‘This Ain’t Love’.

Frederik is an Indie and Pop singer-songwriter who never sticks to the status quo. As a result, he likes to play with his sound and create something truly unique to himself, which he has done correctly here with ‘Someday’.

Furthermore, the new track has taken Frederik into a whole new dimension with its more poppy and indie vibe and catchy melodies. It’s a real stand out performance from Frederik which plays with our heartstrings with hits heartfelt emotion.

‘Someday’ is centred around thinking about a loved one who will be with someday. Frederik transparently expresses emotion proving just how important friendship is. You can almost hear the cracks in his vocals from the intense feelings which make this track quite the masterpiece.

If you are looking for something which will grab you from your chair and take you on an inspiring journey, then look no further than ‘Someday’.

George Millington