Indie artist Calboa brings a modern alternative to the party. The singer who resides in the music-rich city of Hull is proving his quality with new track ‘Same Shhh’.

Musically, the artist boasts a strong indie foundation taking influence from those who have set the stage before him. Yet, he brings an entirely new sound of his own. Lyrically, lead singer Callum Blakeston speaks for the generation during the current unprecedented times. He talks vividly about being stuck doing the same thing every single day, which is hugely prevalent to the current lockdown we are all facing.

Vocally, Calboa stands uniquely on his own two feet. As a result, you will struggle to find another musician taking the steps he is taking with his performance. He speaks with passion but also each note he sings is delivered with conviction.

The track comes full of hooks which will get you drawn in from the get-go. Therefore, if like us you relish the best in the indie scene then look no further than Calboa with his highly popular new release ‘Same Shhh’.

George Millington