Ask me which my favourite folky guitar track is of the present? I would have to say Pete Bernhard’s new release ‘Lightning’. It takes us on an adventure from the get-go, and I could not help getting drawn into the singer’s story.

He speaks with conviction, and his lyrics are poignant with every sense of the imagination. Vocally, Pete is on flying form here. It brings a nostalgic vibe too, and I could not help but draw a comparison to Bob Dylan. Nevertheless, it is no way a replica.

Musically, it is soothing, and it took me to a place of tranquillity from the second I hit the play button. I like the simplicity of the instrumental; we only really hear a vocal and acoustic guitar. But yet it sounds full and has masses of depth. Therefore, I doubt this would benefit from any additional instruments. For this reason, I agree with the singers choice of structure.

I was eager to hear more from Pete. Therefore I did some more digging into his catalogue and realised he has an album out called ‘Harmony, Ascension, Division’. You need to get your ears all over this.

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George Millington