Katherine Aly is an Edinburgh based Indie-pop artist who has just released her new track ‘Misty Me’.

Originally from Greece, Katherine has developed a sound unique to herself. Vocally, she has taken influence from some of the indie greats from yesteryear. Influences include Florence And The Machine and Bjork, but yet she delivers fresh and raw performances which put her on a stage of her own.

‘Misty Me’ is a beautifully produced track with an angelic harp setting the way for Katherine’s awe-inspiring vocal. Sound wise we see Katherine take on a new direction. She once fronted a rock band, but we see a more mellow side to her here. Although a new route, the track stays faithful to her edgy qualities, and it leaves you itching to get more.

If you are looking for the best indie-pop dreamy sounds, then look no further. ‘Misty Me’ has arrived.

George Millington