Manchester legend and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has gifted fans with a taste of his upcoming compilation album, ‘Spirit Power: The Best Of Johnny Marr.’ The collection features a carefully curated selection of solo hits spanning the first decade of Marr’s illustrious career outside of the iconic indie band. To whet our musical appetites, Marr has released the first of two new tracks, ‘Somewhere,’ which he penned during his time on the road with The Killers and Blondie in 2022.

‘Somewhere’ is a captivating and infectious track that showcases Johnny Marr’s songwriting prowess and his ability to craft timeless melodies. Speaking about the song, Marr stated, “I’ve played a lot of arenas over the years, and in terms of songwriting, there’s nowhere to hide. For a song to work, it has to be a banger. I know it’s almost uncool to think in those terms, but I grew up in a house where my parents listened to Motown, where you couldn’t get a song released if it wasn’t full of hooks.”

Marr’s knack for crafting hook-laden songs is evident in ‘Somewhere,’ with its catchy chorus and infectious guitar riffs that will surely have fans humming along. The track pays homage to his roots while infusing a contemporary edge, making it an instant hit among both long-time admirers and new listeners alike.

George Millington