Kingdumb, a producer known for his consistent edge, has again delivered in style with his track ‘The One’. The creator from Swindon is on form and also brings the b-side, ‘Hero’, to the fore!

‘The One’, an incredibly relatable song, especially to anyone who realises they have discovered their special someone, is bursting with vitality. The captivating quality of Kingdumb draws us closer, and the plethora of sound elements combine to produce a soundscape that is easy to get lost in. In addition to this, the swirling synth loops cling to the rising bass leads, which move up and down the scale while adhering to an infectious drum rhythm in the background.

‘Hero’, the tracks b-side, begins with an introduction that features a synth and then suddenly diverges into a section with experimental drumming. With this one, Kingdumb lets his creative juices flow, and as a result, he demonstrates once more that he is of a high calibre.

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