Laura Cheadle along with her Family Band, has opened for some of the biggest names in the business and won numerous awards, including “Best Indie Jazz/Blues Band” at WXPN sponsored Tri-State Indie Music Awards.

Luckily for us, the rising star stopped by for a chat.

Colby: Hello Laura, thank you for giving us the pleasure of interviewing you for GSGM. Your new single, ‘Shine This Lifetime’, is out now, and it is a gem! What is the meaning behind it?

Laura: Thanks so much! Shine This Lifetime is a song that was birthed in the quarantine. I found myself surrounded by people down on themselves and the world situation at the time. I vowed to make a song that spreads contagious joy and inspires you to shine from within. This song not only uplifted my spirits, but it was the jump off song to start recording my new album (also called “Shine This Lifetime) . The new album features all positivity because that’s exactly what we need right about now!

Colby: It is apparent that you are becoming known for your ‘real music’ vibes that leak from your music. I have to say; it hit me too! What is it which makes your music feel so sincere? 

Laura: I only write when inspired and from the heart. I find this is crucial to making music that people truly feel in their souls. I also love the sound of real instruments. I love using real drums etc because it is a sound that is kind of a lost art these days. I know people really appreciate feeling the music organically.

Colby: Is it true that your father produced the track? If so, how incredible to have such a talent at your fingertips. Have you been brought up around music?

Laura: YES! I grew up with an incredible musical mentor, my father James Cheadle. He is a legendary Philly musician and piano player that instilled in me to play from the heart. I love that I have a built in family band with incredible musicians to collaborate with. I have been particularly inspired lately so I’m riding this inspiration wave! I also am so fortunate to have a professional recording studio at my finger tips.

Colby: I checked out your video, too; it is uplifting for sure. Did you have a lot of fun making it?

Laura: I sure did! This was filmed during the quarantine. I teamed up with Life After Television Inc. They brought my vision to life! I wanted this song and video to shine as it was written and translated to film. I teamed up with some incredible dancers as well! If you watch closely, you will follow our story line for this song and how I was able to “make the sun shine” 🙂

Colby: A random question now, let’s imagine you are at a bar. You have one coin to put into the jukebox and can only select one song; what will it be?

Laura: Great question! I would pop on “As” by Stevie Wonder. That song puts me into a beautiful musical trance of emotions. It’s the perfect song!

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