Mandy Corrente, an actor, dancer, and singer who is just 9 years old and hails from Miami, recently stopped by for a conversation.

Colby: Hello, Mandy. It is great to meet you. Firstly, let’s talk about your new single, ‘SuperStars’. What is the inspiration behind the track?

Mandy: Hi, nice to meet you too! My new single is my first musical collaboration with a very talented artist from Colombia. We have the same dream to become stars; when we dance, have fun, and do what we love, we feel like Super Stars. So the track is about dancing, having fun, and feeling like superstars.

Colby: You are taking the music industry by storm at such a young age. You even made an appearance on the Ellen De Generes show. How was that?

Mandy: The Ellen show was amazing! I got to meet Mario Lopez, which was a fantastic experience for me. I was only seven years old when my video went viral, and then I received an email from them inquiring about an interview. I had to do three meetings and discussions before I got to be on the show. It was very exciting, and I will definitely never forget that moment!

Colby: You are big on social media. What do you think is the best thing about using social media?

Mandy: Social media is great for sharing your work and what you do! It also lets people get to know you. Connecting to new people is very exciting! I want kids worldwide to hear and dance to my songs, connect with the lyrics and learn a little more about me through social media.

Colby: Can you remember the first song you heard which made you think, ‘Wow’?

Mandy: Yes! It was a “La Luna en Bicicleta” from Latin Singer Ricardo Arjona. I couldn’t stop singing. I was only two years old.

Colby: What does the rest of 2022 have in store for you?

Mandy: I will make more music, and my favorite new song will hopefully be released on New Year’s Eve, so it will be amazing! I’m very excited about that song because Poo Bear produced it, and it has an incredible beat.

George Millington