MAMMAMIA‘ by Måneskin – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

Måneskin, the indie rock band, are never stuck to the status quo. It’s what distinguishes them as one of the most refreshing bands in recent memory. It’s also most likely why they towered over the other material from the 2021 Eurovision song contest. ‘MAMMAMIA,’ the band’s new single, is no exception, and it illustrates the band’s ability to stand out in a crowded arena.

The guitars begin the tune with a bang, grabbing our attention and transporting us back to a time when indie was all the rage before falling back down into the ether to rise to the top once more. The drums have a catchy rhythm, aren’t overly technical, and have a similar vibe to The White Stripes at times. Nonetheless, this band demonstrates that musical wizardry is not required; in fact, some of the best songs of all time have been extremely simple.

Damiano David

Damiano David, the lead singer, is in fine form here. He sings with an unmistakable intensity that shines through in every note. Also, Damiano has a distinct accent, and his demeanour is unlike many in today’s profession. He sings in English rather than his native Italian, which is fortunate for English listeners. However, there are several references to his motherland.

Everything about the track is musically stimulating, and there is never a moment when the excitement wanes. Damiano’s vocal also demonstrates why he is one of the best rock singers to come out of Italy. As seen in Eurovision 2021, he sounds just as powerful singing in English as he does in his own tongue.

You can take a listen to ‘MAMMAMIA’ by Måneskin below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So, do you think that this is one of the best new songs from Måneskin?

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