‘The Wonder’ by Miles Kane – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

Miles Kane is on a roll, and on the listening evidence from his last three single releases from his upcoming fifth studio album ‘One Man Band’ (released on August 4th) his latest LP will be highly likely his best solo outing to date. Third single ‘The Wonder’ is arguably the strongest track released so far, an absolute up-tempo banger. 

‘The Wonder’ hits you straight between the eyes right away. With a layered ‘Screamadelica’ gospel-tinged intro. The hook to the track is amazing and would not sound out of place on Artic Monkeys opus ‘AM’. The constant in the song is the wah-wah guitar line which forms the basis of the killer riff. His lead vocals are very cleverly executed, not to mention unique. Miles Kane here sounds like a cross between Bobby Gillespie, Alex Turner, as well as The Coral’s James Skelly. It is the latter that takes up production duties on ‘The Wonder’ and the rest of the upcoming album.

There does not seem to be an accompanying music video yet available for this third single. But, do check out Miles Kane’s official YouTube channel, there is a great live performance of ‘The Wonder’ at Liverpool’s Kempston Street Studios. It’s a performance that captures Miles Kane clear talent as a guitarist/band leader. It also highlights the fact that the band he has put together are so tight.

‘Suddenly I see your face leading me astray, secretly I contemplate resigning to my fate’ sings Kane, ‘The Wonder’ hints towards daydreaming about a past love. Kane says of the track, ‘The Wonder is about those moments in time when the mind wanders over a past relationship, and you feel the presence of that person again. The waves come and go as you sit alone and think about what has been’.

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George Millington