Mister Green stopped by for a chat!

ColbyHello, hope you are well! ’Stay Tuned’, your new album, if you could sum it up in a few sentences, what would it be? 

Mister Green: The songs on the album revolve around the central theme of taking chances before it’s too late. That theme is told through the back stories of various characters in the songs. Story telling with adult lyrics paired with a youthful, fresh sound. Although the listener may be hearing them for the first time, the songs should sound vaguely familiar and nostalgic, as they borrow elements from the early innovators of rock ‘n roll ranging from Buddy Holly to Green Day. Nothing beats the proven chordal formula of 1-4-5!

Colby: What inspired this album? 

Mister Green: I have wanted to make an album all my life, but I took the business and family route, and put my music dreams on the back burner. Covid allowed me a little time away from work, and it reframed my perspective. I was fronting a Charlotte-based cover band and playing guitar all the time and felt there was more to do. I decided then and there I had to pursue writing originals; I had to see my dream from childhood through. I started writing songs and I felt so inspired. With the help of Mark Renk, we dialed in all the songs. He added some incredible harmonies and really helped me bring them to life.

Colby: What tracks did you grow up listening to?  

Mister Green: These three made a big impact on me- 1) “Wild World” – Cat Stevens 2) “Atlantic City” – Bruce Springsteen 3) “Basket Case” – Green Day

Colby: What has been the most memorable experience in your career so far?

Mister Green: I’d have to say working with Tom Morello. Having him add guitar to our first single “Annabelle” was truly an honor. It really elevated the song, which also elevated to #46 on the AAA charts!

Colby: What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

Mister Green: We’re already getting back in the studio! Our goal is to have an EP out later this year.


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